"Team Peculiar" Brand Ambassador
Thank you for your interest in applying to join our group of Peculiar PPL social influencers and brand ambassadors.  This application should take between 10-15 minutes and will help us understand if the program will serve as a good mutual fit.  Let's get started!
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Thanks for your interest in joining the team! We're flattered!  
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This is so we can contact you to inform you of the acceptance decision.  We won't spam you...promise!
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We would like to understand what part of the world you are located in, so we can test our products and services in different regions. Also, we need to know where to send your welcome package and future products, if accepted.
Are you Male or Female? *

What is your date of birth?

We would like to know your current age to understand your current demographic.  Also, we would like to know your birthday to help you celebrate.
What is your favorite Peculiar PPL product, and why? *

Try to be as detailed as possible
Product Information

This information will help us understand what type of products to send to you
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What kind of cell phone do you currently use (i.e. iPhone 5C)?
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Social Networks

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Current Peculiar PPL products

Do you currently own any Peculiar PPL products? *

Why or why not? *

What's your opinion of this product and what are your suggestions for improvement?

Terms and Conditions *

The information provided in this application will be held in strict confidentiality.  I understand that as a Peculiar PPL brand ambassador and influencer, I’ll be expected to help represent and promote the brand in a manner that is consistent with the brand's mission.  If accepted, I agree to test products and services and provide truthful feedback in a timely manner.  I understand that this is a pro-bono opportunity.
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